Explore faith and experience community in a relevant Christian growth environment. Classes run from 5-12 weeks covering subjects from Bible and Theology, Christian Life Application and Spiritual/Personal growth. You choose the best fit for you!

Connecting God’s Word to His people & God’s people to His Word

September 17 – October 22 class lineup

Sundays between the services (10:05 a.m.)

Christian Thought

Christian Life

Romans: A case for Bible study

If you want to know what life is truly about—if you want to grasp the full, staggering power and beauty of Christianity—turn to the book of Romans. Romans, perhaps Paul’s theological “last will and testament”, focuses on the most important theme in the Bible: the redemption of humans by a holy, loving and gracious God.

Mac & Melissa Davis    |    Rm 301

Sticky Faith:
A Class for Parents & Grandparents

Do you have influence over a student’s or kid’s life? Chances are you would probably give anything to have your kids develop a deep, dynamic faith that ‘sticks’ long term. Using everyday ideas based on research and experience, Sticky Faith from the Fuller Youth Institute will empower you to develop a robust faith in your kids, no matter their age.

Gary & Denise Maxwell Kelly & Shan Co.   |    Room 304

Discipleshift: A Class for Biblical Discipleship

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations.” Making disciples – helping people to trust and follow Jesus – is the church’s God-given mandate. But what does it mean to be a disciple? How do we make more disciples? Devoted disciples attract people outside of the church because of the difference that others see in their Christ-like lives.   Jim Putnam’s Discipleshift walks through five key “shifts” that we need to make to become disciple makers.

PJ & Micah Cummings.   |    Room 305

Gospel Fly Over:
A Class for Senior Adults

Each Gospel writer captured a unique perspective of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John give us the vivid story of who Jesus was in His time and who He can be in our time. In Gospel Fly Over we will compare Gospel writers similarities and differences. We will look at the big picture and find the connection to our lives today. Grab your seat and fly over the Gospels with us.

Vinny Rosin  |  Second Floor Fireside Room

Student & kids’ programs available