Spring Branch established ORPHANetwork as an independent nonprofit organization in 2000. Its mission is to help impoverished and orphaned children fully realize their God-given potential. The organization’s vision is a network of American churches and indigenous churches partnering to build and strengthen the capacity of orphanages in Nicaragua. Member churches are involved in meeting orphans’ physical, spiritual, and emotional needs and creating real, lasting change in their communities through self-sufficiency, education, and community development projects.

History and Philosophy:

We were started by a high school youth group that was emotionally impacted by their visit to an orphanage in Nicaragua in the mid-90’s. They went home and their lives were never the same. Led by God, they started to make a difference for the children through prayer and financial support.
Thus began ORPHANetwork – a network of like-minded churches and individuals who have God’s heart for orphans.
Around 2010, we began to look at poverty alleviation as providing a hand-up to the materially poor rather than a hand-out. As a result, we have strategically transformed our approach to global missions and serving teams.

Togo Network

We have a simple mission: to give more people in the world clean water to drink. While this is a trivial quest in a developed country, without governmental support or social infrastructure, it can be incredibly difficult. TOGONETWORK aims to help communities by adding to the existing water tower to provide clean water to more villages.

Ministry Philosophy:

We’re fortunate enough to just turn on a faucet to have access to life’s most essential ingredient: clean water. For many people, though, getting access to something so basic is incredibly difficult.
Our mission is to provide water, education, healthcare and leadership development in West Africa. We do this through building partnerships with Pastors and other Community Leaders in Togo. We are looking for partner churches in the US to connect with and own this mission.
Your team can go on a mission trip to Togo by coordinating your trip with TOGONETWORK
…or “go” by sending much needed medicine/educational supplies which will make an indelible impact and change peoples lives.