For as little as 1-2 hours a week you can make a difference in the lives of Spring Branch kids. Promiseland only happens because of our wonderful volunteer team. We are committed to offering people an opportunity to serve their church based on their God given spiritual gifts believing that finding and using one’s spiritual gift is just how God designed His church to function. We have places for people with a wide range of spiritual gifts and with various schedule availability weekends or midweek – whatever fits best. Persons wishing to volunteer in Promiseland are asked to complete a Volunteer Application, be subject to a background check and share in a Ministry Connect with a Promiseland representative to find the best serving opportunity.

Sunday Opportunities

Here is a listing of various opportunities available:

  • Registration

    Serves by assisting parent and children through the registration process
    Time: 45 minutes prior to and during the beginning of 9 or 11 service.

  • Safety

    Serves to assure safety/security measures are implemented during Promiseland.

    TimeFor approximately 40 weeks 2  hours during a Sunday morning service.

  • Nursery Small Group Leader

    Serves by leading volunteers in the care of infants or toddlers during the 9 or 11 service.

    Time: 2 hours every or every other Sunday Sunday opportunities continued….

  • Substitute Small Group Leader

    Serves by facilitating/leading small group time when a small group leader is absent.

    Time2  hours, 1-3 times/month

  • Large Group Teacher

    Serves as a teacher/music leader of large group segment of curriculum.
    Time: For approximately 40 weeks, 2 hours on weekend, 4 hours during the week.

  • Drama Team

    Serves to present the drama portion of the Large Group Program.


  • Production Team

    Serves to support music and creative communication by working lights, sound and video during Sunday morning services.

    Time: 2 hours on Sunday

  • NEET (Neat, Efficient, Environment Team)

    Serve by re-stocking supplies, cleaning and maintaining toys and play structures, doing nursery laundry and generally maintaining a clean, safe environment in Promiseland Rooms.

    Time2  hours, 1-2 times/month

  • Weekday Administration

    Serves by entering and managing database information for registered Promiseland children and assists  in  sending lesson plans and information to volunteers.
    Time: 2 hours; 1-4 times/month

  • Registration Set Up

    Serve to prepare registration materials prior to service and properly distribute them to registration sites.

    Time1-2 hours during the week.

  • Student helper (Middle School – 9:00 hour only)

    Serves as a helper in Toddler and Preschool areas to provide an enjoyable experience for the children.
    Time: 2  hours Sunday morning 1-4 times/month

  • Nursery Caregiver

    Serves in the care of infants or toddlers during morning services or Faith + Life classes.

    Time: 2  hours Sunday morning 1-4 times/month.

  • Small Group Leader

    Serves as a shepherd to the children in Promiseland or Rock City by building relationships with them and encouraging them to pursue deeper relationships with Jesus Christ while modeling it in his/her own life.

    Time3 hours each week

  • Coach

    Serves to lead a room or area of Promiseland or Rock City; shepherd and develops leaders as well as leads team meetings called “huddles.”

    TimeFor approximately 40 weeks, 4-5 hours/week

  • Music Worship Team

    Serves to lead the children in the music portion of the Large Group Program.
    Time: For approximately 40 weeks, 2 hours/week

  • Stage Team

    Serves by helping to create visuals, backdrops, stage settings, etc.


  • Bin Builder

     Serves by preparing crafts, activities and games for bins used during Sunday programs.

    Time: 2 hours each week

  • Schedule Coordinator

    Serves by creating schedule of volunteers who will serve in various areas.

    Time: 2-3 hours/month