3lobbyWhen you first enter our main lobby, you’ll immediately notice that the mood is light, warm, and friendly. That’s because our people are our most precious commodity. We believe that all people matter to God — and that’s why they matter so much to us. You’ll find moms, dads, singles, seniors, and all points in between. You’ll find doctors, lawyers, plumbers, retailers and even folks who are currently unemployed. In this place, they are all equal at the foot of the Cross.

What do I wear?

2dressWe never want dress to be a deal-breaker or a point of unnecessary dogma. Most of our folks wear causal attire. We realize we live in a beach community. Jeans? No problem! Sandals? Bring ’em! Bermuda shorts? Wear ’em! Bell-bottoms? OK, well, maybe you should leave those back in the ’70s where they belong!

Our style of worship

band-worship-segmentWe believe that worship is the tangible expression of our heartfelt love for God. It’s something we take very seriously.  We tend to have a more contemporary style to our music, and our musicians are all top notch. We believe excellence honors people and honors God. For this reason, our church services incorporate our very best, as we explore multiple art forms to convey the beauty of the most important Message on Earth.